A Rude Awakening

The alarm was sharp and piercing and could not be ignored, I recalled making a little groan as I peeped from my comfy bed whilst my searching fingers found the offending button. I had snarled at the Micky Mouse dial as I muttered under my breath for it to be quiet, at 5am I was … Continue reading A Rude Awakening

She Wore Fancy Shoes

She Wore Fancy Shoes

It was the red shoes that did it for me, for my husband the overpowering waft of perfume. The whole cruise for us was to be governed by these two things. It would have been uneventful and enjoyable but for this one passenger Even as we boarded the coach that was to take us to … Continue reading She Wore Fancy Shoes

Technology - Who Needs It

Technology – Who Needs It

I'm always complaining about the age of technology, it’s those times when you’re in a queue to pay for something and the till roll runs out or you go into the bank and they say sorry our computers have gone down. We've all done it, forgotten to charge the mobile or even worse, top up, … Continue reading Technology – Who Needs It