Never Is Now – Chapters 25 to 27

Never is Now is a murder-mystery set in the rural southern community of Random in the United States in 1982. In its telling, it collects an assortment of characters from a hardscrabble farmer to a prominent doctor to a less than reputable private detective and the higher echelons of local law enforcement. In one way or another, all of these people and others collide in thunderous conclusion, one that provides long-sought answers and a solution to the story’s mystery man, Simon Sasser.

Never Is Now

Never is Now – Chapters 15-17

Chapter Fifteen To expect the best or the worst from a man was foolhardy. Most did enough to get by and called it a job well done. Getting by, it was all that life really asked. No one Boggs knew ever consciously obeyed the law; everyone got by it. Those veering too far off sometimes … Continue reading Never is Now – Chapters 15-17

Never is Now

Chapter Four Not long before dawn on Saturday morning a ’54 Chevy pickup took the turn at Garner onto McKenney hard, almost balancing itself on two wheels. The 3,100 half ton went about hundred yards north and glided to a stop on the grassy shoulder. When the passenger door opened no light shone inside. The … Continue reading Never is Now

Never Is Now

Never Is Now

Deputy Carson Tinnin worked his way around the puddles and over the hoses toward Will and Agnes. In the intense light he was a shadow that Agnes had seen coming months ago, about the time Billy first took up with that Trollinger boy. She knew this shadow or one similarly outlined would come. She was … Continue reading Never Is Now



 In the two decades he had been on this earth he has passed through three distinct arched doorways—the first he entered often, the second twice and the third only once, fortunately just that once. In each case he entered a primeval chasm aligned somewhere between a tumbling heaven and a gaping hell, a lapse suffuse … Continue reading Finney

the word

The Word, 2013

Elmore Winfield led a remarkable life. Elmore Winfield led a senseless life. There is no contradiction. Certainly it was a life well spent as it was well explored. I never met a man who knew more than he thought he knew. Usually it’s the reverse; the blow-hard, the low self esteemed. When Whinny—that’s what people … Continue reading The Word, 2013

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Jame’s Produce

James’ Produce Ask anyone in Greensburg where was the best place to shop for fresh produce, and they would have said—James’; Sonny and Iris James proprietors. For 57 years the grocery had a reputation for having the cleanest and freshest collards and greens of any store in Brandon and Dinwoodie counties. That was why Sonny … Continue reading Jame’s Produce