In Search Of A Cure For Homosexuality

George’s life after the failed exorcism seemed to flourish to the end of his days with a seemingly successful Christian Ministry and a happy married life in a pleasant part of the country. In contrast, my future life held many challenges to be faced and battles to be fought. My dilemma of what to do after my hospitalisation was resolved by a Good Samaritan named Jean. I had met her many times at Church and she invited me to stay at her home whilst I convalesced and wound up my affairs in Mansfield. Despite the fact Jean was much old than George and me, she was one of the ladies who had come under George’s spell but had ultimately rebuffed his advances. Furthermore, she was not fussed about what people were saying about me. I was enabled me to wind up my affairs and to sell the small bungalow I was buying in Mansfield. When I was well enough I had no option but to return to the Black Country to live with my parents again, the very thought of which, brought on a fit of the blues. I was able to get a job with a firm of accountants in Birmingham which paid me a salary more appropriate to my qualifications, about four times my father’s annual wage. At least I had accomplished one of my ambitions, but at what cost! read more

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