Don’t Say Don’t.

New Year Resolutions are doomed to fail. The inclusion of the word ‘don’t,’ kills all hope of success. It is accepted in educational psychology, that people fail to register words such as don’t and stop, when used in the imperative. Why isn’t clear. Apparently, we hate negatives. The Charge of the Light Brigade was probably caused by the order, ‘Don’t charge the heights where the artillery is!’ The cross-channel ferry I use admonishes travellers in the event of an emergency, ‘Don’t panic – don’t run.’ If the ferry begins to sink, we will remember the words ‘Panic – Run!’ read more

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Hunterswick Green by Iris Lloyd

Hunterswick Green By Iris Lloyd

The 1960’s kids’ TV programme ‘Camberwick Green’ depicts a quaint village in the fictitious region of Trumptonshire, where the inhabitants bustle about in harmonious contentment. At first sight, Hunterswick Green seems like a grown-up reproduction of that childhood idyll. Young couple, Alison and Peter, are smitten by the luxurious setting – fifty acres of rolling countryside, tastefully-appointed houses and the clockwork efficiency of a development that is designed to fulfill every need. In Hunterswick Green, rubbish is tactfully collected at night, there is a stylish bar/restaurant on site, and a community of like-minded residents live out their days in comfort and style. read more

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