Bowie Bows Out

The singular art video ‘Lazarus’ was Bowie’s last cry to the world, opening up with a blindfolded, and frail-looking Bowie lying on a mattress, it then becomes apparent that the room is in a health center. Bowie starts to drift over the bed, indicating his transmutation to the outer edge– whatever, that might be.

Muere David Bowie, una de las Máximas Leyendas del Rock

As Bowie squirms about on the mattress, another Bowie, standing upright, inscribes in a laptop, his head resting ominously on his work-station, the specter of fatality towering above him until he strides into a wooden closet, a sort of casket, and a symbol of his life of style and design.

Bowing out with his usual style, David Bowie did not merely launch his last CD ‘Blackstar’ to accompany his 69th birthday celebration recently, on January 8, it was his farewell to the world.

So long, David






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  1. Many people think he defined his age. That was the impression left by the Glam exhibition in Liverpool. I knew the name, couldn’t hum you a line of his music, regret his passing, because he meant so much to so many, am grateful to the people who now eternalise him – I still have time to correct a mistake I’ve been carrying for some 40 years.

  2. He only had one O Level and that was all he needed. Like so many rock musicians, his grounding in art taught him how to cast imagination as a convincing reality. Too imaginative for boundaries and genre limitations. Farewell Davey Jones.

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