A Night At The Cavern

A Night At The Cavern

The Cavern is this fantastic music venue in Raynes Park, South West London.  Here you will find some of the best, rock, funk, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues players on the London jam circuit.  These guys are slick and entertaining, and the vibe is totally unpretentious – you’ll feel right at home.  On Thursdays it’s open mic, so start polishing up your chops and get … Continue reading A Night At The Cavern

More Fruit And Vegetables To Promote World Peace

 Now, I know I’m just an old faery from Nilbud, but I’m allowed to have an opinion now and then.  I’ve been flitting in and out of late, watching what’s going on with your new world leader, Mr Donald J Trump. All this dreadful gnashing of teeth!  As my great aunt Imelda always said, (when we resided in your realm) ‘it’s no good crying over … Continue reading More Fruit And Vegetables To Promote World Peace

Topography Of Terror

Topography – a detailed description or representation on a map of the physical features of an area. Terror – the use of extreme fear to intimidate people, especially for political reasons. (Oxford Dictionary of English) I put off visiting the museum of Gestapo atrocities, aptly called The Topography of Terror. One knows what happened. Why go for total immersion? I have misgivings about the remembrance … Continue reading Topography Of Terror

Don’t Say Don’t.

New Year Resolutions are doomed to fail. The inclusion of the word ‘don’t,’ kills all hope of success. It is accepted in educational psychology, that people fail to register words such as don’t and stop, when used in the imperative. Why isn’t clear. Apparently, we hate negatives. The Charge of the Light Brigade was probably caused by the order, ‘Don’t charge the heights where the … Continue reading Don’t Say Don’t.

A Boxful of Ideas reviewed by Paul Gallagher

A Boxful of Ideas reviewed by Paul Gallagher   Asked to review an anthology of writing,  you might have noticed a hesitancy in my voice as I accepted with enthusiasm. I could not easily refuse a friend, yet the history of reading  mediocre writing was catching in my throat.  Would it be like that? The answer I can affirm is no. I have enjoyed reading … Continue reading A Boxful of Ideas reviewed by Paul Gallagher