Art, Technology Versus Nature

Here is a thought! In the age of the steam train, as much coal was used carrying coal to railway depots around the country to power steam trains as was burnt by industrial and domestic users. Once the age of steam was done, there were vast areas of redundant railway sidings. Most were built on, but suppose one forgot about the sidings – all 18 … Continue reading Art, Technology Versus Nature

Amazing Women Of Berlin

Amazing Women

The Ephraim Palace in Berlin dedicates its exhibitions to Berlin events and history. Their current collection is about important Berlin women, who shaped our modern world. They were women a hundred years ahead of their time and they had to deal with prejudice and mockery. Most were active in the latter decades of the nineteenth century, up to the rise of fascism in the 1920’s … Continue reading Amazing Women

Constantia and it's neighbours

Constantia And It’s Neighbours by Dr Helen Robinson

The Thursday Club, hosted by Sandy Bailey, is a group of bibliophiles who regularly attend book launches at the Buitenverwagting Wine Farm in Constantia to enjoy delicious food, wonderful wines and to have the honour of meeting authors up close and personal. I have had the pleasure of attending the last three of these launches and I shall be posting articles of the releases. I … Continue reading Constantia And It’s Neighbours by Dr Helen Robinson