A poem about abuse, by Russell C J Duffy

Chester Himes

"I don't want no niggers on this lot." - Jack L. Warner You would think such racist views as expressed by the head of Warner Brothers in the 1940's and 1950's would have radically changed by the 21st century. You would have thought that racism was indeed a thing of the past. Recently, Don Cheadle made … Continue reading Chester Himes

frances vernon

Frances Vernon

2015 saw the one hundred and twenty-fifth year since the birth of H. P. Lovecraft, an author whose posthumous rise to fame has been a staggering achievement. Unrecognised, in his own lifetime he is now lauded as one of the most significant writers in his genre of choice - horror. If not the, greatest of … Continue reading Frances Vernon

The Easter Uprising

The Easter Uprising

I remember it still, Granddad on mandolin, Nana on piano, my aunts,uncles, my cousins and my parents gathered round for a Cockney Ceilidh. This was in Upminster Road near to Hornchurch. It would have been the late fifties, early sixties. The songs were formed of those two peoples. Of Eastenders and the Irish. Rousing verses … Continue reading The Easter Uprising

The Jesus Dynasty

The Jesus Dynasty – The Hidden History of Jesus by James D Tabor

James Tabor's natural enthusiasm for this subject, the historical Jesus and his extended family is beguiling but also sadly baffling. Professor Tabor is a recognised authority on things biblical but his sheer exuberance tends to overwhelm the point he is trying to make. As a devout agnostic, one who deplores the sorry weight of organised religion … Continue reading The Jesus Dynasty – The Hidden History of Jesus by James D Tabor