Travels With Crow Feather

Travels With Crow Feather

A young shaman, and her mentor travel though time in search of greater wisdom. In this episode, Voodoo Child winds up in a hostel for slaves, a place that's out of time.

subterranean world

Subterranean World

  I am inside a door, painted blue, with a metal slit for those letters asking for money. I step on the letters on my way out. Outside on the ground I see a small plastic pot. It's from the pizza shop. Someone threw it down on the ground, a plastic pot of garlic butter. … Continue reading Subterranean World

Walkin' Wit Crow Feather

Walkin’ Wit Crow Feather

I work it out along ago.  There’s a sheen someplace, pullin' juices; storen 'em, like batteries storen' acid, some day that sheen'll come, an' we all be fry. What's the use, Voodoo Chil'ren, runnin 'round like a hepless chicken, ever' body feedin' in off ever'body, and maybe there ain't no tomorrow. I meet plenty sez such. … Continue reading Walkin’ Wit Crow Feather