Anyone Can Be President of the United States: Just Apply!

Anyone Can Be President of the United States: Just Apply!

Dear Human Resources Manager: I am applying for the position of President of the United States. Please find attached my resume. I’ve seen this ad running for several months now and I conclude that you have been unsuccessful in locating a suitable candidate. I believe I have the skills, experience and sheer ruthlessness to be … Continue reading Anyone Can Be President of the United States: Just Apply!

The Solution Committee Decides What To Do

The Solution Committee Decides What To Do

SOLCOM, the government's solution committee meet in secret to find a solution to the impending national crisis

Myth Of The Moneyless Tree

The Myth Of The Moneyless Tree

A poem about inequality

system failure

System Failure

And as our supremo supercomputer Maybelline attempts to obey her contradictory commands, the integrity of the entire system is at risk. Does Maybelline not know that it is defective, that metaphorically speaking there is ladder in her tights, and that something has gone 'orribly wrong? No, not her, because these mechanisms, however realistic they appear … Continue reading System Failure

The Session

The Session

Dick is a resident in the high secure unit at Narrowless prison. In this episode, he has a session with the prison shrink

Room To Let

Room To Let

It was bound to happen, you don’t do what I do and expect that Karma won’t catch up with you one day. It’s just did it really have to happen here and right now? I’ve called the police - they said they’d be round as soon as possible, although I doubt on a Saturday night … Continue reading Room To Let

The Big Lie

It's that time of the year again. The time where we come together as a family. Where we cherish our loved ones, eat a relaxed meal together, embrace one another on our doorsteps, talk to distant relatives, laugh and give each other presents. When we simply take some time to be with one another: marking … Continue reading The Big Lie

Perfecting Positive Putdowns.

‘I love your dress.’ ‘Thanks. My sister was buried in it.’ That is a positive putdown. Imagine the scenario. The gender traitor, the woman, who you know is going to declare to the world, she has never seen such poor taste the moment your back is turned, has just praised your dress. Your answer leaves … Continue reading Perfecting Positive Putdowns.

Lumbar Room By Saki

Lumber Room By Saki

A story by Saki perfectly explains how a child’s imagination always come into conflict with dull and constricted world of adults Last night, I was reading a story ‘Lumber Room’ written by Hector Hugh Munro, better known by his pen name 'Saki' where he draws a contrast between the world of an adult and a … Continue reading Lumber Room By Saki

Hydrogen Bonds Rule. But Who Cares?

Water, water, the ceaseless medium. To play with you is never tedium. Back and forth you tireless flow, The perfect formula: H2O. Surface tension keeps us dry. No one asks the reason why. Who cares why drips form into drops And form neat spheres before the ‘plops’? Evaporation lets us cool. Bonds that do it … Continue reading Hydrogen Bonds Rule. But Who Cares?