The Malevolent Universe of H P Lovecraft

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H P Lovecraft is ranked as one of America’s finest horror writers and his Cthulhu mythos has turned into one of writing’s most powerful manifestations. In his work, Lovecraft frequently refers to the minuscule scale of man in a frightening, obscure, and to a great extent vindictive universe. Ancient and unspeakable beings are at the heart of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos.… Continue reading The Malevolent Universe of H P Lovecraft

Amazing Women Of Berlin

Amazing Women

The Ephraim Palace in Berlin dedicates its exhibitions to Berlin events and history. Their current collection is about important Berlin women, who shaped our modern world. They were women a hundred years ahead of their time and they had to deal with prejudice and mockery. Most were active in the latter decades of the nineteenth century, up to the rise of fascism in the 1920’s … Continue reading Amazing Women

Was Francis Bacon The Real Shakespeare?

Was Francis Bacon The Real Shakespeare?

After Edward, Earl of Oxford, there is another well-supported contender for the title of the ‘Real William Shakespeare’ – Francis Bacon.  According to the arguments, Bacon was the son of Elizabeth I, by Robert Dudley, the Queen’s lifelong love and court favourite. (To recap, The Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere, is portrayed by his adherents as both the son, AND the lover, of Queen … Continue reading Was Francis Bacon The Real Shakespeare?

frances vernon

Frances Vernon

2015 saw the one hundred and twenty-fifth year since the birth of H. P. Lovecraft, an author whose posthumous rise to fame has been a staggering achievement. Unrecognised, in his own lifetime he is now lauded as one of the most significant writers in his genre of choice – horror. If not the, greatest of all gothic writers then one of. His fame is complete. … Continue reading Frances Vernon

Why I loved Joan Rivers, And Still Do

Why I Love Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers. Where do I begin? The comedy, the warmth, the unflinching dedication to her art? Because in Rivers’ case, comedy was art. As she once described it, comedy is like music. She said it was about timing, like musical notes joining to form a tapestry of meaning. There’s a constant rhythm in her work; a back and forth conversation with her audience, ‘can we … Continue reading Why I Love Joan Rivers

Interview With Best-Selling Amazon Author Joe Bruno

Tell us about growing up in NYC. Were you familiar with the kinds of characters you write about? Is that fair to say? I grew up in New York City’s Lower East Side in the Little Italy/Chinatown area, where it’s been said there are more Mafia members per square inch than anywhere in the world, including Sicily. Some were friends, some were family, but the … Continue reading Interview With Best-Selling Amazon Author Joe Bruno