resting place of anton sviridenko

Resting Place Of Anton Sviridenko

On October 25 1941, Anton Andreyevich Sviridenko, in Red Army uniform, embraced his son, four daughters and wife, Anna Semyonovna, wriggled into his rucksack and walked out his door. His family never saw him again, his daughter Vera Antonovna, often told her grandson Alexey. She had been 17 years old when her 41 year-old father marched off to the Great Patriotic War from their village … Continue reading Resting Place Of Anton Sviridenko

Amazing Women Of Berlin

Amazing Women

The Ephraim Palace in Berlin dedicates its exhibitions to Berlin events and history. Their current collection is about important Berlin women, who shaped our modern world. They were women a hundred years ahead of their time and they had to deal with prejudice and mockery. Most were active in the latter decades of the nineteenth century, up to the rise of fascism in the 1920’s … Continue reading Amazing Women