Jo Ruocco Recalls Playing With Chuck Berry

Jo Ruocco Recalls Playing With Chuck Berry In New York

Rock drummer Jo Ruocco remembers her time performing with Chuck Berry

A Night At The Cavern

A Night At The Cavern

The Cavern is this fantastic music venue in Raynes Park, South West London.  Here you will find some of the best, rock, funk, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues players on the London jam circuit.  These guys are slick and entertaining, and the vibe is totally unpretentious - you'll feel right at home.  On Thursdays it's … Continue reading A Night At The Cavern

Joanne Ruocco

Interview With Joanne Ruocco

You sure know how to hit those skins.  So when did you start out as a drummer? I started when I was four years old. A tender age! I had a passion for the beat.  I grew up in a house where my mother brought music home from all over the world, so I was … Continue reading Interview With Joanne Ruocco

Amazing Berlin Nights

Sometimes, a choice of entertainment can lead to strange places. I saw an advert for a reading of Shakespeare's sonnets for his 400th - we didn't know in which language it would be, but as the venue was one of our favourites, the UfA Fabrik, we couldn’t resist the moment. The UfA is the original … Continue reading Amazing Berlin Nights

Wagner – The Ring Cycle

The Ring Cycle, (full name ‘the Ring of the Nibelungen,’) finished its Gateshead run last week. Sixteen hours of drama spread over four nights, two long intervals each night - about a day of your life. I have no idea what decent seats cost, but as the whole shebang demands a massive orchestra, a team … Continue reading Wagner – The Ring Cycle



Many will know Elektra, the superheroine of films, comics, and computer games. Forget her! I’m thinking of the original Elektra, of Greek mythology fame. She was the daughter of Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra and thus a princess of Argos. She and her brother Orestes, plotted the murder of their mother, believing Clytemnestra murdered her husband. … Continue reading Elektra!

Bowie Bows Out

Bowie Bows Out

So long, David

The London Gigs of Sam Mitchell

The London Gigs of Sam Mitchell

I was tidying up when I found a Gibson USA guitar pick, of the type I used to play my bass guitar with back in the day. I always carried a pick in my rear trouser pocket wherever I went. Here was the familiar black, hard plastic with gold lettering. A small flat triangle with … Continue reading The London Gigs of Sam Mitchell

Music is theatre is art

FANTASIA – Music Is Theatre Is Art.

We never had the internet. Music was our language back in the day, just as the internet is common currency for young people today. Music was a sounding board, a common ground but it was more than this: music was a beautiful field of fantasy. My mate Michael had a vast collection of LP records … Continue reading FANTASIA – Music Is Theatre Is Art.

Richard Hilton

Interview With Richard Hilton, Musical Arranger/Keyboardist With Chic

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT WORKING WITH CHIC The best things about playing in CHIC include getting to make music with some of the finest musicians I’ve ever known, including the band we’ve had for the past five years, and getting the opportunity to share in the happiness of the audience. I've also gotten … Continue reading Interview With Richard Hilton, Musical Arranger/Keyboardist With Chic