The Convenient Cadaver – Chapter Preview

An excerpt from Matt Ferraz's Grandma Bertha murder mystery series, out now on Amazon

Tips For Demented Writers

Tips for Demented Writers

I often read these lovely tips for writers. Being darkly cynical I then reflect that all they wrote for that day was a list of tips for other writers, and that really they have lost an opportunity for writing something really meaningful that day. A successful writer is merely someone who shares their madness with … Continue reading Tips for Demented Writers

Song Of The Sea

Song Of The Sea

The year is 1775 and Elise, a young Guernsey woman, is on her way to join her fisherman husband Thomas on Jerseyman Island, in the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. She has endured a heartbreaking farewell with her family and her island home, and now faces a terrifying sea voyage across the Atlantic Ocean … Continue reading Song Of The Sea

Warming to the stranger at the bar

Warming To The Stranger At The Bar

To those timorous souls who are ill-equipped for a Dublin drinking bout, the heady heat of an alcohol-fuelled, smoke-filled bar on the skirts of the river Liffey might seem like an inferno (of Dantesque proportions) - but not Honey and Bessie. On the day of my arrival, Sullivan’s was jam-packed with market traders in sluicing … Continue reading Warming To The Stranger At The Bar

Apprentice Days Continued

Apprentice Days Continued

Following his soujourn with Patty Poo and the others, and in a quest for his continuing education, our hero goes in search of adventure And here I am, celebrating, incognito, by gate crashing an anniversary party. Not that I don’t fit in. I’m dressed in a formal manner, which, if nothing else, adds to one’s … Continue reading Apprentice Days Continued

The Strange World Of Sidney

The Strange World Of Sidney

‘Stop chatting to your friends,’ said Miss Taff, ‘and pay attention.’ She snatched Sidney’s mobile, stuffed it into her crocodile handbag and snapped the clasp shut. The boy mumbled that he didn’t have any friends and sat down in front of the make-up table. Rummaging through a box of grease paints he found a stick … Continue reading The Strange World Of Sidney

In Search Of A Cure For Homosexuality

George’s life after the failed exorcism seemed to flourish to the end of his days with a seemingly successful Christian Ministry and a happy married life in a pleasant part of the country. In contrast, my future life held many challenges to be faced and battles to be fought. My dilemma of what to do … Continue reading In Search Of A Cure For Homosexuality

Diary Of A Mad Person - Battle

Protected: Diary Of A Mad Person – The Battle

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Village Tales – Romance In Feckenham

The sun fell brittle and chill upon Upper Leafy Lane, where a silver lick of rain coated the grass and hedgerows. The sky was washed porcelain blue and floated like a pale dream above Fekenham’s fair head. The birds were silent now, as though waiting expectantly for something momentous to arrive. Autumn was just around … Continue reading Village Tales – Romance In Feckenham

Apprentice Days

Apprentice Days

The narrator's the only child of a fast ageing mother. He's unsure of his sexual orientation. He skips school and teaches himself in the local public library, which is situated next to the public toilets. He soon learns how to earn tips from the clientele. But the money's not enough, and he's forced to try out 'real' work.