The Face Of Things To Come

Two things gave me a jolt last week. Firstly, the analysis of our future world of work, in a 10 minute magazine programme, scared me, until I realised, we, as working people, have mastered worse. The programme told that around 20% of the workforce is involved in manufacturing. Within 20 years, with the increased use of computer controlled (robot) technology, it will decrease to around … Continue reading The Face Of Things To Come

Top Most Attractive Casinos In London

Top Most Attractive Casinos in London

  Gamblers who attend casinos live and breathe the eternal hope that, when they lose, it’s simple enough to get the money back again. This may or may not be true. In most cases, probably not. But you can’t blame gamblers for having casino games in their DNA.  Casino games have a very attractive stake. Usually, the games with a high loss-probability offer a huge jackpot … Continue reading Top Most Attractive Casinos in London