Hydrogen Bonds Rule. But Who Cares?

Water, water, the ceaseless medium. To play with you is never tedium. Back and forth you tireless flow, The perfect formula: H2O. Surface tension keeps us dry. No one asks the reason why. Who cares why drips form into drops And form neat spheres before the ‘plops’? Evaporation lets us cool. Bonds that do it are squamule. The energy to separate Comes from us so … Continue reading Hydrogen Bonds Rule. But Who Cares?

Blustering Boris’s Blues

Feel sorry for a Tory Toff. No one told me to tell the truth. Of loyalty I always scoff. Daggered Dave is surely the proof.   Oh to stroll in Rome or Berlin. It’s a merry dance in Blighty. England I’ve steeped deep in sin. Pity the Eton mighty?   It seemed an easy game to play, To flirt with a rhyme to Garage. Vote … Continue reading Blustering Boris’s Blues