Myth Of The Moneyless Tree

The Myth Of The Moneyless Tree

A poem about inequality

She Likes A Drink

She Likes A Drink

A wee poem on the demon drink

Yin's Yang

Yin’s Yang

A poem by Fizza Abbas

Hydrogen Bonds Rule. But Who Cares?

Water, water, the ceaseless medium. To play with you is never tedium. Back and forth you tireless flow, The perfect formula: H2O. Surface tension keeps us dry. No one asks the reason why. Who cares why drips form into drops And form neat spheres before the ‘plops’? Evaporation lets us cool. Bonds that do it … Continue reading Hydrogen Bonds Rule. But Who Cares?

Let Time Be A Game

Between two seconds In time that beckons, There is a border, Just to keep order.   The border exists, Put there to resist Our desire to stray Into life, as a play.   No seconds, just acts Not dependent on facts, But given to whims That can end in sins.   Borders are safer, An … Continue reading Let Time Be A Game

Blustering Boris’s Blues

Feel sorry for a Tory Toff. No one told me to tell the truth. Of loyalty I always scoff. Daggered Dave is surely the proof.   Oh to stroll in Rome or Berlin. It’s a merry dance in Blighty. England I’ve steeped deep in sin. Pity the Eton mighty?   It seemed an easy game … Continue reading Blustering Boris’s Blues

Take Pity On An Author

An author is a lonely beast Soliloquies are his diet His only thrill, his wordy feast. Glad when he is quiet.   He pains an agent thrice a year His high-strung thoughts appal She files it under ‘much too drear,’ Adds ‘reject,’ in her scrawl.   An editor soft as ripening fruit. Takes pity on … Continue reading Take Pity On An Author

love flowers

Love Flowers

Love flowers in Apple Blossom Time ....



You have pared it to the bone This life Sold your home Divorced your wife You read the news It scares you to think The more you absorb The further you shrink You say that life is unfair But what on earth can you do? You are just a cog in the wheel You hold … Continue reading Complainer

A Place So Much Fairer

A Place So Much Fairer

Words For An Irish Jig - In old London town I've worked all around Though it felt like sad slavery And for thirty odd years Through laughter or tears I've yearned for the green Irish sea My heart is in Eire A place so much fairer With skylarks and stories and fun Where the soul … Continue reading A Place So Much Fairer