Who am I? I am the blank canvas fully exposed and transparent, absorbing and replenishing. Taking out my brushes, I carefully construct the image of corporate respectability, blending in the cracks with coloured crayons. I put on my body armour, but feel weighed down by the sense of growing expectation. Sitting in the carriage, I feel … Continue reading Searching

Vigil in Teddington

Vigil In Teddington

I witnessed a vigil in Teddington on Good Friday, and out of nowhere, a white dove appeared.

Crisis Creation - Stop Bloody War

Crisis Creation – Stop This Bloody War

A poem by Mo Ogier

Death Is Not A Five Star Hotel

Death Is Not A Five Star Hotel

That was it. I wasn’t able to be free, wasn’t prepared to carry the load, not entirely. I was too young. And nobody took up the slack. Absolutely not, so I drifted away. I paddled away, down to a less vibrant part of the river and dropped my line where there were no fish. This … Continue reading Death Is Not A Five Star Hotel