Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Left Alone

Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Left Alone

The Undoing Of America Trump is president-elect of the United States and like all seismic shocks, the actual aftermath is more disturbing than the event itself. Rioting in the streets, predictions of doom and gloom, and in some quarters, a quiet conviction that the devil himself has inherited the earth. Others see Trump as a saviour. Rabbi Mendel Kessin for instance has likened Trump to … Continue reading Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Left Alone


WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS ELECTION? ? John Chuckman ? Brushing away the extreme claims and rhetoric of much election analysis, there are some observations which deserve attention. These unfortunately mostly provide hard lessons and not a lot of encouragement for people who hold to principles of democracy, enlightenment, and progressivity. The election demonstrated perhaps better… Continue reading JOHN CHUCKMAN ESSAY: WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS ELECTION?

Beyond Nationality, Religion And Econmic Ideology

Beyond Nationality, Religion And Economic Ideology

Michio Kaku, the nuclear physicist has said, that for the human race to survive it needs to move to the next higher level  of  relation. We are living in a global society where the problems that face us are of our own making and demand an advanced level of understanding.  A global level of  action. Yet we are living in a time of reversion, where … Continue reading Beyond Nationality, Religion And Economic Ideology

Death Of Democracy

The notion of a second referendum to reverse the ill-thought out decision of the voting public is as authoritarian as it is anti-democratic. In a rare display of democracy at work, Cameron, albeit for the wrong reasons, offered autonomy to the people of the U.K. The people voted against remaining in the EU. Political commentators of all shades (in the Remain camp) have reacted with … Continue reading Death Of Democracy

Blustering Boris’s Blues

Feel sorry for a Tory Toff. No one told me to tell the truth. Of loyalty I always scoff. Daggered Dave is surely the proof.   Oh to stroll in Rome or Berlin. It’s a merry dance in Blighty. England I’ve steeped deep in sin. Pity the Eton mighty?   It seemed an easy game to play, To flirt with a rhyme to Garage. Vote … Continue reading Blustering Boris’s Blues



From an Owls Fan. Twenty seven years ago I watched the Hillsborough FA cup semi-final on television, as did countless football fans. Of course football fans were labelled pariahs at the time, Margaret Thatcher had labelled us so, as had most of the press, and she had insisted on barriers in stadia, and exhorted tightly policed matches. It was intimidating when police horses moved straight … Continue reading Hillsborough

The Easter Uprising

The Easter Uprising

I remember it still, Granddad on mandolin, Nana on piano, my aunts,uncles, my cousins and my parents gathered round for a Cockney Ceilidh. This was in Upminster Road near to Hornchurch. It would have been the late fifties, early sixties. The songs were formed of those two peoples. Of Eastenders and the Irish. Rousing verses of ‘Knee’s Up Mother Brown,’ (that is Muvver to the … Continue reading The Easter Uprising