Anyone Can Be President of the United States: Just Apply!

Anyone Can Be President of the United States: Just Apply!

Dear Human Resources Manager: I am applying for the position of President of the United States. Please find attached my resume. I’ve seen this ad running for several months now and I conclude that you have been unsuccessful in locating a suitable candidate. I believe I have the skills, experience and sheer ruthlessness to be … Continue reading Anyone Can Be President of the United States: Just Apply!

Irexit? No. A Chance To Redefine Ireland

Irexit? No. A Time To Redefine Ireland

The intelligentsia's very own Katie Hopkins has spoken; Ireland must leave the EU.  In her recent commentary, (aka mad outburst), Melanie Phillips states that it is in Ireland's best interests to do so.  On her blog/website, me me me dot com, the great oracle redirects the reader to Ray Basset's pamphlet outlining the case for another political amputation. Ray Bassett, former Irish ambassador to Canada and an avid Irish Tory, views Ireland solely through the lens of historical dependence on Britain.

Myth Of The Moneyless Tree

The Myth Of The Moneyless Tree

A poem about inequality

All Along The Watchtower

All Along The Watchtower

 The Grenfell Tower. Still, the horrors unfold. Naturally, we all want answers but they are slow in coming which means anger boils like tar in a cauldron; a simmering brew of hurt stirred to rage by the impotent feelings of utter frustration. Do we blame Theresa May for this tragedy? Is she the one who … Continue reading All Along The Watchtower

A Jolly Good Election But What Does It All Mean?

  Hooray, or Hoorah, we’ve all won … and we’ve all lost.  What an extraordinary election result!  I spent an evening as an outsider  in a Stroud pub where the new Labour MP and his supporters were ‘over the moon’ celebrating his return and the election result. I am happy for Stroud, and Kensington, and … Continue reading A Jolly Good Election But What Does It All Mean?

system failure

System Failure

And as our supremo supercomputer Maybelline attempts to obey her contradictory commands, the integrity of the entire system is at risk. Does Maybelline not know that it is defective, that metaphorically speaking there is ladder in her tights, and that something has gone 'orribly wrong? No, not her, because these mechanisms, however realistic they appear … Continue reading System Failure

The Dark Side Of The Moon

The Dark Side Of The Moon

It was a case of whether Theresa May could weather the storm, or whether she couldn't. The outcome always being in the hands of the British electorate, who, like the Pink Floyd song, cling on in quiet desperation trembling in fear of change, any change. The austerity we as a population have had to endure ensures … Continue reading The Dark Side Of The Moon

After The Gold Rush

After The Goldrush

Insanity breeds fear - fear of the other, fear of change, fear of taking responsibility for your actions. The weak seek out the strong, leaders they perceive as capable of leading the masses unless of course, the masses start taking control of events by realising that they too are strong and that those who lead … Continue reading After The Goldrush

So Who Should I Vote For?

So Who Should I Vote For?

I might vote for an ex-chocolate family philanthropist candidate?  Then, I’m off on holiday. Confused and reluctant I tuned in late to the circus of Question Time to get some idea of how to vote. These are the fantastic UK election showcases, hustings where there is no direct debate,  and where we are asked to … Continue reading So Who Should I Vote For?

Corbyn or May? No Contest

Corbyn Or May? No Contest

Jeremy Corbyn is no saint, nor would he claim to be, but the vitriol in the media is astonishing.  He is being touted in the press as a loser, a terrorist sympathiser, anti-monarchist and a threat to national security. He is being shown in photographs apparently cuddling up to the leaders of the IRA, and … Continue reading Corbyn Or May? No Contest