Quantum Fiction

Originally posted on New London Writers:
To aficionados of sci-fi, Quantum Mechanics is a well-known idea, however shouldn’t we think about Quantum Fiction? Could this be the new sci-fi supra-type? In the sci-fi universe Quantum Mechanics (or Physics) clarifies everything from teleportation to psychic phenomena, though in the realm of material science, Quantum Mechanics is the investigation of matter in movement through time and space.… Continue reading Quantum Fiction

how you might know me by sabrina mahfouz

How You Might Know Me by Sabrina Mahfouz

One of the brilliant things about words is how they shine a light on other people’s worlds. On the pages and in the ears exist lenses and windows, portals into a place we might never go. How You Might Know Me is a poetic exploration of four women’s lives, connected through their experience in different areas of the UK’s growing sex industry. It’s not written … Continue reading How You Might Know Me by Sabrina Mahfouz

Paul Nash – Beyond Reason?

The Tate is currently hosting a Paul Nash exhibition.  It is a strange affair. Though maybe it has a lot to say about our post-factual, post truth world.  If you can see, how do you show the truth? Paul Nash was a painter, he was a soldier in the first world war, and was  invalided  out and  then became an official world war artist.  He … Continue reading Paul Nash – Beyond Reason?

Self Publish! It Can’t Get Any Worse

A friend, who knows I have been self-publishing my books since 1990, handed me a short article from Die Zeit. This is a German weekly, normally too heavy to lift with one hand – perhaps equivalent to The Observer, except it appears Thursdays for some obscure reason. The article was by Harald Martenstein, senior editor at the Tagespiegel. He is an author, with 17 titles … Continue reading Self Publish! It Can’t Get Any Worse

Love At The End Of A Rope

Youth is a film about old men. This reviewer is an old man, so one may expect his eye and ear to be particularly critical. In fact, the harshest words about this film came from the young newspaper blades, the professional film critics. It was on general release from January 2016 and was soon available for free streaming on Amazon Prime. I think that counts … Continue reading Love At The End Of A Rope