Quantum Fiction

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To aficionados of sci-fi, Quantum Mechanics is a well-known idea, however shouldn’t we think about Quantum Fiction? Could this be the new sci-fi supra-type? In the sci-fi universe Quantum Mechanics (or Physics) clarifies everything from teleportation to psychic phenomena, though in the realm of material science, Quantum Mechanics is the investigation of matter in movement through time and space. This antiquated limb of science has created the most critical revelations in mankind’s history, it is still a work in progress though with serious limitations. Customary material science can portray the movement of large items moving slower than the velocity of light. After that point, the guidelines get fluffy. That is the reason why physicists concentrate on the conduct of items at the most miniature levels. At these nuclear and subatomic scales it gets to be difficult to watch a few articles without changing their conduct. This demonstrates that we have…

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Octavia E Butler

Octavia E Butler And Her Vision Of Hope

Octavia E Butler In the early years of the genre science fiction writers were mostly men. This changed in the early '80's when female science fiction writers emerged. They quickly began winning awards for their contribution to the genre. One of the most powerful writers in the field is Octavia E Butler, 1947-2006, whose books portray … Continue reading Octavia E Butler And Her Vision Of Hope

Is The Strain LOST In The Eye Of The Beholder?

I've sure you've seen the advertisements of the small worm burrowing into an eyeball. These days when I think of eyeballs, I think of two things:  "The Twilight Zone" and "Lost". Only one of them makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Also brought to you by the letter "eye"  and coming soon to a network … Continue reading Is The Strain LOST In The Eye Of The Beholder?

Old Man Winter Gives Control To Son Biff

Old Man Winter has reportedly turned over operational control of the winter season to his son, Biff according to sources close to the personification of nature. Citing health issues, Old Man Winter made the announcement in late November and his overly ambitious son has wasted no time in establishing complete control over the frigid manifestation. … Continue reading Old Man Winter Gives Control To Son Biff


Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

  At the time of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley's story about life created in a laboratory would have seemed diabolical, her state of mind might have been questioned. She wrote in the context of storytelling rituals involving Lord Byron, and Percy Shelley, where the authors dared one another to create the most outrageously mind blowing story. … Continue reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein