frances vernon

Frances Vernon

2015 saw the one hundred and twenty-fifth year since the birth of H. P. Lovecraft, an author whose posthumous rise to fame has been a staggering achievement. Unrecognised, in his own lifetime he is now lauded as one of the most significant writers in his genre of choice – horror. If not the, greatest of all gothic writers then one of. His fame is complete. … Continue reading Frances Vernon

the girl who wants out

The Girl Who Wants Out by Nic Penrake

This is a captivating thriller by author Nic Penrake, with a certain neo-noir vibe.  Some passages are remininscient of Nabokov’s Lolita. The novel tells the story of Anthony Price, a London dentist and family man who falls madly in love with a mysterious and attractive young lady. Driven by intense desire, he finds himself entangled in a dangerous situation that may put his life and … Continue reading The Girl Who Wants Out by Nic Penrake

John Turnbull

John Turnbull

  John Turnbull was born as a last bastion on the sea of change in the idealistic hippiedom known as the 60s, started reading novels and short stories at a very early age, preferring horror and comedy. By 10 years old, after some off-kilter encouragements (to say the least) he decided to try writing his own stories. Throughout his formative teens, the stories alternately got … Continue reading John Turnbull

Noor SabahTauqeer

Noor Sabah Tauqeer

Noor Tauqeer has a strong narrative voice. She writes passionately about the life of a young feminist grappling with age-old prejudice in her native Karachi. Noor is a student of Literature in the University of Karachi, Pakistan. She was born and raised in Karachi, received her early education from the eminent Mama School and is currently pursuing her bachelors degree in English Literature. She has participated … Continue reading Noor Sabah Tauqeer