Editing Service

Good editing is crucial.  It can help you to meet the demands of publishers or agents.  Our editors will put you on the right track.

Editing ServiceOur bespoke editing service will transform your manuscript from raw to polished. With the help of a good critique, you will establish areas of weakness in the text and discover what works beautifully. Together we will create a clear and concise roadmap for revision.

We promise to read and absorb your writing, making detailed notes along the way.  Our editing service is not a one-size-fits all approach.  We love that each writer is coming from a different angle, and has his or her unique personal style.  Equally, each writer’s material is treated confidentially and securely.  You can relax. Your work is in safe hands. All we ask is that you supply a word doc for our comments and footnotes; leave the rest to us.

Our editing service includes detailed line edits and a lengthy summary focusing on the story arc, character development, narrative voice, and use of literary elements (dialogue, description, etc.).

The critique takes around 2-4 weeks, depending on the length of your book.  If time is of the essence, we can negotiate a quicker turnaround. Short stories etc., will take up to 48 hours.

Even if you consider your manuscript finished, we can still help with the last look through and polish, which costs less than a full edit.

Every book has intrinsic merit, and no matter what your subject,  we will shape your book for its intended market.

Our fees

Our editing costs are affordable at £2.50 per page. Send a double-spaced page, about 300 words.  For book length projects, 150 pages upwards we offer a discounted rate of £2.00 per page.

100k manuscript = £666 appx (First time discount of 20%) =  £534
45k manuscript = £300 appx (First time discount of 20%) = £180

When sending your work please give us the following information:

  1. What is your book about?
  2. In which genre are you writing?
  3. Where is your intended market?
  4. Name books on the market like yours
  5. Name a favourite or well-liked author
Editing and Critiquing Service
Alice Wickham – Editor

I was delighted with the critique from Alice. She had gone through the manuscript word by word and commented on both the good and the bad, using a system that took me to the relevant comment and back to the MS

Iris Lloyd
Iris Lloyd Writer

with just a click of the mouse. Added to that, she had emailed separate sheets of notes, commenting on characters, pace, plot development, dialogue, writing voice and so on, making pertinent suggestions as she detailed points for improvement. By following most of her suggestions (the author is still in charge!), the novel is much improved. I consider her modest fee as money very well spent.



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