We are looking for stories  and articles that surprise, inform, engage or entertain the reader – we appreciate boldness and originality, honesty, and eloquence.

Submit your best, but don’t worry too much about it.  If you have something interesting to say, and your writing is good overall, we will work with you on developing your material for publication. You might like to take advantage of our editing service.

Please don’t submit writing that incites hatred or violence towards others, or sexism, racism etc.  (Unless your work’s internal logic depends upon portraying these unsavoury aspects, e.g, a convincing portrait of a character who says and does things that offend.  Don’t aim for politically correct prose or dialogue at the expense of honesty).


Generally 1,000 words to 5,000 in length. If your work is intriguing, we will publish it regardless of length, although we may do this in instalments.

Feel free to send us your collections of poems, we will publish up to three at any given time.

Travel Writing

We appreciate an entertaining travelogue peppered with anecdotes about your experiences, and/or useful information on the location. Make sure to send photos to go with the text.


Anyone interesting, send a photo too.


We won’t publish work that is already published elsewhere. (Knowingly)

Art & Photography

We welcome your original artwork and photography.


Try to follow the guide below.

Although we ask you to submit your work via submittable, (below), once accepted we may also request that you send your work again in plain text form via email. This makes it easier for us to post your writing on our website. If you become a regular contributor, we would ask you to log in and upload your writing in draft form, pending review.

How to Submit Work



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