Hydrogen Bonds Rule. But Who Cares?

Water, water, the ceaseless medium.

To play with you is never tedium.

Back and forth you tireless flow,

The perfect formula: H2O.

Surface tension keeps us dry.

No one asks the reason why.

Who cares why drips form into drops

And form neat spheres before the ‘plops’?

Evaporation lets us cool.

Bonds that do it are squamule.

The energy to separate

Comes from us so we don’t bake.

Floating ice lets fish respire.

A freezing bottom affects life dire.

A density change at four degrees

And a living world is our reprieve.

That molecular mass

Should be a gas.

But H-bonds save the show,

Make the liquid that we know.

Molecules moving, holding hands,

Means it gets to cover lands.

Carry minerals to our glands,

Osmosis balances concentration

Relieves us of our constipation.

A tiny force between two atoms

Makes the mighty ale of Adam.

‘Do we care? Not at all!

Who needs science?’ is the call.

‘Water does it! Why worry more?

Science can be such a bore.’


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