God Rap

If there’s a God
Don’t screw around
Show yourself
In the Lost and Found

Have you forgotten the human race?
Let’s start talking
Face to face

Are you for real?
Or are you a con?
Do you even know what’s going on?

What’s your problem?
Can’t you see?
The world needs help

with me


About Alice F Wickham

Chief bottle washer of New London Writers; would be ruler of the entire planet. (There would be far more trees, I promise you that!) Modest megalomaniac; thinker, dreamer, and milk chocolate eater. Co-creator of a brave new universe where poetry comes before profit, and you ALWAYS get a seat on the train.

3 Responses to “God Rap”

  1. There’s a great rhythm here and like all good poetry, it’s both ambiguous and contradictory: the title questions an existence and yet there exists a dialogue. I would put caps on Lost and Found (which is a great piece of imagery) and I don’t think the last line is necessary. It’s been said in the Lost and Found.

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