Richard Wright - Native Son

Richard Wright – Native Son

Richard Wright was an African-American anti-slavery activist whose works portray the racial discrimination against the blacks in the United States of America, especially in the Deep South. He was one of the voices for the black race when racism was still at its peak in the U.S.  He spoke openly about the things troubling black people at a time of strong racial prejudice in America.  He spoke out strongly in his books, especially in his novel Native Son. His novels are interesting historically, reminiscent of the poems of Claude McKay who wrote of lynchings he witnessed in America. Reading Richard Wright is a salutary reminder of old America, and parallels the difficult political climate under the Trump administration. read more

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The Naked Hope Of Quentin Crisp -Mark Farrelly

Naked Hope – Mark Farrelly

In Naked Hope, Mark Farrelly’s Quentin Crisp is dapper.

The show depicts Crisp’s youth and his later life in America.

Here is a young man whose acerbic wit is armoury against the moralising and demoralising, ‘middling, middle-class’ family in suburbia. This is Mark Farrelly’s show, Naked Hope based on the life of Quentin Crisp. read more

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How John Hurt’s Performance As Quentin Crisp Helped A Lonely Teenager

There are moments in the life of the mind when a door slips open, a light shines through, and however briefly, it’s enough to change the colour tone of your existence forever. I was 13 or 14 years old when I saw John Hurt portraying Quentin Crisp in the biographical film, ‘The Naked Civil Servant’. I remember being blown away by Hurt’s performance, and by the existence of Crisp, an anathema in the austere, homo-criminalising atmosphere of 1950s Britain. An anathema too, in the repressive, sex-loathing, church dominated Ireland in the 1970s.  It’s a wonder that this clever, poignant film about Crisp’s extraordinary crusade was suffered to be broadcast on the Irish airwaves. I remember watching it with my mother, who, when my father wasn’t paying attention, attempted to break the confines of her life as a housewife in Ireland. read more

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