Is Brussels All Bad? What Does Democracy Mean?

The EU no longer serves the people – democracy demands a new beginning

wrote Yanis Varoufakis in the Guardian on 02.02.16

I waited patiently to collect some information on democracy and the EU in order to refute Varoufakis sentiment, and thought it a good idea to leave this blog until our Prime Minister had announced he had the deal to end all our EU woes. That happened on Saturday the 20th February. In the intervening 18 days, I checked what the European Parliament got up to in the name of democracy. Most revealing.

During that time, the Brussels bureaucrats put forward a suggested upper limit for sugar in baby food. No doubt the figure they arrived at was suggested by the food manufacturing lobby, but our MEPs lost no time in throwing it out on the grounds that it exceeded WHO recommendations three fold. I’m sure that our national government would have argued – ‘Freedom of Choice’.

Un grand merçi to our MEPS.

I remember 30 years ago, the mass prophylactic use of antibiotics in animal husbandry, was questioned. Since then nothing has happened except that animals are more intensively reared and more antibiotics, needed to fight infections common in humans, are now in use in animal feeds.

Oh yes. Nearly forgot. And we have the growth of superbugs in our hospitals etc.

Has our Westminster Parliament tackled this problem? Yes! They recommend better hand hygiene in hospitals. Not so our MEPs. They have started steps to ban the non-specific use of antibiotics in animal feeds.

Vielen Dank to our MEPs.

They are two fantastic contributions to our lives, which will make a huge difference in the future. That was just in 18 days. Every week brings a new and sensible recommendation from MEPs.

Here is a ramble of other successes by the EU Parliament.

My mobile phone costs in Europe are down from 49p per minute ten years ago, to 16p per minute now. Roaming charges will be removed within the next year or so. We knew we were being shafted by the phone companies, our national governments run scared of the private sector, so one again we have to rely on the stars in Brussels to protect our interests.

We now have clean beaches in Yorkshire – down to EU decisions.

If you ask the people of Europe, they don’t want TTIP. My MP has assured me in several letters that I have misunderstood the ambitions of TTIP and should welcome this development. Wait a minute! The people don’t want it! What does democracy mean? If anyone stops TTIP in its most aggressive form, it will be the European Parliament.

They debate issues on their merits. Not so my MP! Once he has enough votes, democracy goes out the window and we become an elected dictatorship for five years.

The battle is on to make politics and big business respond to the needs of the people, not have the people subjugated to the needs of the ruling party and its business cronies.

I disagree with the Guardian opinion. I hope David Cameron keeps us in Europe so that we can continue to enjoy the protection of our MEPs’ brand of democracy.

Quiz time.

What did David have to promise Angela in order to get her support for the EU reforms?

Was it

(a) the UK will take an additional 30 000 refugees from Germany.

(b) the UK won’t ask VW to refund the lost road-tax revenue, due to VW fiddling their emissions data.

(c) Angela and her cabinet get a season ticket for knees-ups at Chequers and with it the chance to ask Rebecca Brookes how make black look white.

(d) David won’t tempt MacGregor back to the UK with a super-salary. Angela needs at least one prestige project to work.

(d) All of the above.


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