On Staying In Europe

In the sanitised sanctuary of the living room, with keyboard pressed against his thighs, the politically retardant evergreen witters on about democracy, about Europe and all manner of things his limited view, given him by the political classes via their controlled spectrum of events, allows him to debate.

He proudly divests himself of any intellectual credibility by espousing the concept of having a democracy. Like capitalism, it doesn’t exist. The last time capitalism was flying high was during the years before the great depression when it, capitalism, crashed so low. In fact, in that period capitalism failed 44 times. What we now have is state-capitalism; that is Big Governments supporting Big Business supporting Big Government. Trapped neatly between these twin ruthless jaws, the powerful machinery of industry grinds along, like some Orwellian monster,  sophisticated, remorseless and terribly efficient. Since 1974 state-capitalism has failed 14 times proving socialists right as they have always claimed capitalism, state or otherwise, is doomed to run an ever decreasing spiral of ‘boom’ and ‘busts.’ But then again Hitler always said democracy leads to socialism.  Maybe he was right?

The concept of globalisation runs paradoxically against internationalism. Where one understands, welcomes even, the inherent differences found in our various communities, binding them forever to localised democracy, or if you will, grassroots democracy, the other, like communism, like state-capitalism, seeks to centralise everything effectively removing the people the machine is meant to serve into flesh cogs that are so easy to replace.

Having a minimum wage is no act of altruism. It is a way by which globalisation can have fiscal equity enforced on the working class. Yes, in one sense it does benefit those seeking work but do not for a moment think it is done for the working person. It isn’t. By the end of this century, it is predicted we will have a global community with the next stage being one that allows single laws (a welcome thing perhaps), along with a single currency, along with a single centralised administration. This is not a democracy.

I am pro-European. I believe the trade gains made by being part of the EU along with having a mutual defence mechanism is of enormous benefit. I dislike the concept of border controls but recognise having erected such false walls we cannot simply remove them. Allowing a free-for-all would ultimately create chaos bringing harm to those seeking to escape war along with the citizens in situ. But more than anything, I dislike the singular lack of democracy that Europe  has. It is bad enough my homeland is nothing like a true democracy but Europe is by far much worse.

My vote will be to stay in the EU but with one massive proviso. It must change. It must return localised government to sovereign states. It must, in effect, reject state-capitalism and embrace democracy.






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  1. Nice analysis. MEPs still debate using common sense, not party dogma, but they too will be silenced by TTIP or the rise of the far right. We must keep banging the drum though.

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