A Night At The Cavern

A Night At The Cavern

The Cavern is this fantastic music venue in Raynes Park, South West London.  Here you will find some of the best, rock, funk, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues players on the London jam circuit.  These guys are slick and entertaining, and the vibe is totally unpretentious – you’ll feel right at home.  On Thursdays it’s open mic, so start polishing up your chops and get … Continue reading A Night At The Cavern

Cruellest Month

Cruellest Month

Painting on copper plate was tricky, thought Peter, though, as promised, produced a smouldering, luminous under glow, imbuing subtle, shimmering warmth to the face in his portrait. In this case, the fragile, contented face of Donna, his wife.  Jake, an artist friend, a former fellow student who had stayed on to teach a course or two at the Portland School of Art after graduation, had … Continue reading Cruellest Month

Stop Blaming Trump - Blame Yourself

Don’t Blame Trump – Blame Yourself

The rage across the American political spectrum is ferocious, but the  agitation is part of a widening political divide. Trump probably won’t succeed as leader – not because of his bumbling attempts to secure US borders (stupidly perceived as racism), but because of his authoritarianism, hated by the opposition. Jihadists worldwide are rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of Western collapse. They are noting the hysteria … Continue reading Don’t Blame Trump – Blame Yourself

First Love - Gwendoline Riley

First Love by Gwendoline Riley

First Love may be short, but it packs a lot in. Far from the dreamy idealised nature of one’s first sweetheart as the title may suggest, this is a novel that explores adult love. The kind that comes with baggage, life experience and challenges. The kind of relationship between two people, broken and scarred but still living and hopeful, who know that any partnership is … Continue reading First Love by Gwendoline Riley

Big Driver - Stephen King's Dangerous Genre Study

Big Driver – Stephen King’s Dangerous Genre Study

In Big Driver, one of the novellas featured in Full Dark No Stars, Stephen King once again presents a writer as the main protagonist. Not an unusual thing considering that one of King’s favourite themes has always been the writing process, and for that he has created a number of characters who make a living out of their words. Some deserve special mention, such as … Continue reading Big Driver – Stephen King’s Dangerous Genre Study

More Fruit And Vegetables To Promote World Peace

 Now, I know I’m just an old faery from Nilbud, but I’m allowed to have an opinion now and then.  I’ve been flitting in and out of late, watching what’s going on with your new world leader, Mr Donald J Trump. All this dreadful gnashing of teeth!  As my great aunt Imelda always said, (when we resided in your realm) ‘it’s no good crying over … Continue reading More Fruit And Vegetables To Promote World Peace