Quantum Fiction

To aficionados of sci-fi, Quantum Mechanics is a well-known idea, however shouldn’t we think about Quantum Fiction? Could this be the new sci-fi supra-type? In the sci-fi universe Quantum Mechanics (or Physics) clarifies everything from teleportation to psychic phenomena, though in the realm of material science, Quantum Mechanics is the investigation of matter in movement through time and space. This antiquated limb of science has created the most critical revelations in mankind’s history, it is still a work in progress though with serious limitations. Customary material science can portray the movement of large items moving slower than the velocity of light. After that point, the guidelines get fluffy. That is the reason why physicists concentrate on the conduct of items at the most miniature levels. At these nuclear and subatomic scales it gets to be difficult to watch a few articles without changing their conduct. This demonstrates that we have a deficient understanding of reality. Those who study the paranormal, concur, and they also contend that Quantum Mechanics clarifies un-provable phenomena typically rejected as superstition or pseudo-science, might they be right?

Here’s where it gets insane. Researchers endeavoring to clarify the strange activities of matter at high speeds, or at subatomic scales, have found things that ought not exist.


In 1998, physicists at CALTEC effectively teleported a photon, the most diminutive measurable unit of light, utilizing a technique known as Quantum Entanglement. At the point when two photons are entrapped on a quantum level, the progressions in one make changes in the other, paying little mind to the physical separation between the two. This has been demonstrated at the molecular level and shows that teleportation is a basic level reality, if much less exceptional than the teleportation  in Star Trek. In 2009, researchers at the University of California exhibited Quantum Entanglement by interfacing the electrical ebbs and flows of two superconductors which were big enough to be obvious to the naked eye. Before this, QE had just been seen at the atomic level. The trapped particles some way or another transmit data with no contact and each one particle contains the whole data framework of the other. The only other structures that behave so are three-dimensional images.  3D images are two-dimensional surfaces that show three-dimensional pictures of matter. In other words, a hologram. To physicists like Neil Bohr this implies that the whole universe could be one tremendous hologram. The difficulty we have is that hyper-exploratory science becomes excessively theoretical, excessively speculative, excessively surreal, now and again skirting upon mysticism.

Indeed, mystics have started utilizing QE to back their convictions much to the scorn of established researchers, but our understanding of the world is limited to our five senses. When we attempt to comprehend things that are subatomic, or that go at hyper speeds we are lost, winding up with more inquiries. Why does reality seem to change? How do these contortions influence us? The sci-fi essayist and novelist, Arthur C Clarke, 1960’s, said that any praiseworthy technology is no different to a form of magic, and as we move past the cutoff points of our understanding, into a world where teleportation is conceivable, and the whole universe may be a multi-dimensional image, we need to seriously ponder about what happens next.

Arthur C Clarke – Science Fiction Writer

Trying to predict the future is a hazardous occupation, because the prophet invariably falls between two stools.  If his predictions sound at all reasonable, you can be quite sure that in twenty or fifty years the progress of science and technology has made him seem ridiculously conservative. On the other hand, if by some miracle, a prophet could describe the future exactly as it was going to take place, his predictions would sound so absurd, so far-fetched that everyone would laugh him to scorn.  This has proved to be true in the past and it will undoubtedly be true, even more so, in the century to come.  The only thing we can be sure of about that future is that it will be absolutely fantastic.


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