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Scary BirdHello everyone, Scary Bird Here


First off, I don’t believe in clichés, but here’s one anyway, this is my labour of love. The devil loves prada clones who run this site don’t appreciate my efforts, but that will change as I grow more important to the organisation.

Having survived the maelström of a chaotic family, Scary Bird learned one valuable lesson, fly as fast as you can and hide when you get there.

I love to read, and occasionally tell a few tall stories of my own.

My biography about me as a person of substantial note:

I was a schizo kid, and finding life confusing I took refuge in my dolls nest. After that I developed religious fervour and briefly contemplated a life of devotion to the spirit.  I started by becoming an alcoholic, then a psychic medium and having mastered the ins and outs of that realm, (including my discovery of the blueprint for the iPod) I changed my mind. After all, who was doing the talking? Me, or a member of the dearly departed.

So, to all you literary types out there, it may interest you to know that I am working on an immense futuristic saga, forget War and Peace, this is Death and Detraction. Talk about important, it concerns my life to date, and then some. It is part truth, part fiction, and the rest is up to you. Of course it is ongoing, so I may never reach the end. I’m sure you can relate, my dear other writer.

Tip of the day; Never use the word ‘bizarre’ in your pitch to a publisher or agent, you will suffer instant rejection. Pow!

I will be starting a writing tips and advice column here soon so watch this valuable space.

Scary Bird signing out. Mush!


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