Stop Blaming Trump - Blame Yourself

Don’t Blame Trump – Blame Yourself

The rage across the American political spectrum is ferocious, but the  agitation is part of a widening political divide. Trump probably won’t succeed as leader – not because of his bumbling attempts to secure US borders (stupidly perceived as racism), but because of his authoritarianism, hated by the opposition. Jihadists worldwide are rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of Western collapse. They are noting the hysteria of Europeans and Americans who appear to be reacting against Trumpism, but who are really demoralised by the financial and political matrix that has hurt them for decades, and stirred the hornets nest with Asia. But what does the crowd want? Another Obama? Or, maybe the civil eruption means America is limping towards a solution, that is to say a complete recalibration of its values, systems and ideas, beginning with the horrible reality that global feudalist-capitalism enslaves people in the so-called ‘free’ world. But we should start thinking solutions, be creative, stop howling and start acting. What can we change from within? Personal relationships? Our attitude to money? To work? To music, science, art and religion? To women, children and animals? To the sick, the poor and the needy? To those whose world view differs from our own? What if we address our own prejudices and fears; review our entrenched positions. Recognise that we have created our own reality. See that we have elected and empowered our own so-called leaders; or that by withdrawal, we have tacitly agreed to the rules and regulations of our political masters. See that we have accepted the degradation of the planet for our own material convenience. Understand that we have allowed hatred, aggression and bullying in the name of peace. See that we have endorsed global injustice, materialism and greed. See that we have been willingly suckered by the media. See that we have not bothered to challenge the status quo. Recognise that we have been content to speak one dominant language. Perceive that we have resisted the influence of cultures older and wiser than our own. Know that we have paid lip service to those cultures on Facebook, or in folk music, literature and art, while maintaining our cultural segregation and delusion of superiority. Perceive that when we face up to ourselves, restore what is valuable in our lives, cherish and protect our freedoms, and take a balanced view of the world we stand a better chance of survival.

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  1. Nice analysis. Trump is a symptom of the problem. But we must not ignore his potential to become the problem. He doesn’t have a coherent plan, but plays to the gallery. That is what dictators do. I believe the American democratic systems are robust enough to cope, within the US. They won’t protect the rest of us. That we must do ourselves, and do it despite the attacks by the right wing of the Conservative Party.

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