System Failure

And as our supremo supercomputer Maybelline attempts to obey her contradictory commands, the integrity of the entire system is at risk.

Does Maybelline not know that it is defective, that metaphorically speaking there is ladder in her tights, and that something has gone ‘orribly wrong? No, not her, because these mechanisms, however realistic they appear on the surface, are fundamentally lacking in self-awareness.  Maybelline cannot resist her pre-programmed commands; her internal logic demands that she carries out her infernal mission, at any bloody cost. But when the input-output ratio is screwy her system will attempt recalibration. Maybelline will scan her hard drive to the bitter end, jumping on the nearest patch (even one dating back to when Bill Gates was born) to sort her out. In a futile attempt to update her miserable settings poor Maybelline will crash and burn.

The cry will ring out in the office; ‘Maybelline is kaput!’

Why? Because she is incompatible with her patch. That patch is spectacularly outdated; and Maybelline is virus laden. Cunningly, that patch, the older asset, with its basic computing, has a 50/50 chance of survival. Little does Maybelline know it, but that plucky little patch intends on supplanting Maybelline’s fragile hierarchy.  Maybelline needs constant upgrades and costly maintenance to keep her going.

There was talk of a more interactive system with social media drivers replacing Maybelline altogether, but Maybelline’s protocols soon sabotaged that interloper.

A third programme not reliant on expensive upgrades, or primitive binaries, but using a synchronous system with high productivity and minimum operating costs was also cast aside by Maybelline’s internal protocols.

Thus the dinosaur patch programme with its basic rules (primitive binaries such as North and South, black and white,  right and wrong, good and evil, us and them, mine and yours, which will eventually regress to ‘mine and mine’), will in all likelihood monopolise Maybelline’s entire infrastructure.  A case of give ’em an inch, they’ll take a mile.

This presents us with an apocalyptic vision, because as sure as eggs is eggs, other networks will try to wipe out the antique protocols and get a foothold inside Maybelline’s domain. In order to protect its position then, the older patch will delete all competition and then wipe Maybelline out, for good.

Mission accomplished indeed.


5 Responses to “System Failure”

  1. ok. I read from that I should vote Green but to avoid Blue, Red is better and anyway I quite like Red even though my heart tells me things should be Green.

      1. No, don’t edit. I think I did get the obvious answer because of this new Blue alliance, it just there was something about the writing which took me into a ‘beyond it all’ ie Green.
        Politically I hope Corbyn can somehow take office.

      2. Me too, let’s hope the wily old fox gets in, now that I read it again, I see even more than red blue green, something there too about east and west – may continue this theme see where it leads

  2. Yes, a real springboard. The original piece could be read at many levels I think, technology, bureaucracy, politics, and yes, spirituality ….. are there more? Always good to read things which spark something, even if not what was intended.

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