I wanted to efface some pages of my life

So I asked for help from my friend.

She was busy collecting and compiling the torn pages
of the notebook she was carrying
so she asked me to wait for a while.
I kept waiting – she kept compiling them.
After some time, I expressed my urge to read them.

Without any second thoughts, she let me read.
While reading, the sequence of those pages changed –
I was holding the middle page,
the first page
and then the last page.
While holding the middle page,
I came to know the motto of real life:

The crux of our whole life lies at the centre,
equidistant to the two poles of beginning and an ending.
The centre is a medium that abridges the differences
between these two poles
without thinking about his own existence.
He doesn’t give way to his own griefs
that he has no one to support him during adverse hours.
He doesn’t think that he has no one to stand by him
to provide him shelter unlike poles.

During the wind storm,
poles are able to camouflage themselves
without even thinking about the state of centre.
It is because they are envious of him
but he thinks it is their ego
which prevents them from taking care of him.

His beliefs are so strong that they don’t let him feel
any pain, resentment or guilt of being a care-taker
of those who don’t even care
whether he exists or not.
Whenever he is asked by his friends
to seek vengeance from poles,
He smiles and narrates his philosophy to them:

Consequences are those rules that actions have to abide by
to experience the wholeness of their claims
and to throw a light on what has been in darkness
be it a issue of our separation
or a matter of reunion,
only consequences know how to master the art of diplomacy
while actions are just whims of helplessness.

They interrupt him by saying:

Consequences use your emotions against you
to outsmart you in every way,
they know you start your journey through them
without focusing over the process
and take advantage of it without letting you know
they let you feed upon them, and
forget completely about actions
and when you do it,
their whimsical side turns a back at you
leaving you alone at the risk of actions
then you intertwine with actions to create mysteries
after your magical victories,
consequences again show you their face
just to take the credit.

He responds,

Though you act to get a dose of consequences,
but still abhor them,
despite knowing your actions are dependent on them,
just because you want a dose of your own choice,
so that you can boast in front of others by saying,
how hardworking I’m,
that I got what I desired,
even consequences had to bow down to my actions.
You don’t claim the responsibility of your own actions
and blame consequences for your daily happenings,
at least, I’m courageous enough to claim a responsibility
that I shouldered myself
without having any desire of reciprocation,
I got what I deserved,
it doesn’t matter whether I deserve what I desire
or what I don’t.

His friends tame by saying,

We don’t agree with what you say
but don’t want to argue
as we have no valid points like you;
and we are not brave enough to eat a morsel of defeat!


Image by Kusakabe Kimbei



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  1. Wisdom!

    I shall come back to the poles in times of agony and despair
    and listen to it .. in words wisely fair!!

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