The California Condor Is Back!


The California condor with its nine-foot wingspan is considered to be the biggest bird in North America and for many years it has commanded the skies of the Southwest. Today, in excess of 60 free-flying condors live in Arizona and guests to the Grand Canyon National Park have a decent chance of seeing these superb winged creatures. Condors are frequently seen on the canyon with their wings spread to the morning Sun, gazing out over the Bright Angel lodge.

With its well-known white triangular patches the California condor is viewed as one of the rarest birds on the planet and for a long time the condor race was dying. Back in 1987, the condor numbers were at breaking point when only twenty-two birds remained. Therefore, a choice was made to catch all remaining condors and put them on a captive rearing project. Now these magnificent birds are making a comeback, ranging over the Utah skies. These winged creatures are gigantic, greater than a Golden eagle and the unfolding wings continue to spread over the Southwestern skies.

These goliaths require the expansiveness of the wilderness because it takes a colossal area to hold those titan wings and in spite of the fact that their numbers are still low, their advancement is continuing. The condors are spreading in the wild in California, Arizona and Utah.

A California condor taking off over the Grand Canyon is a sight that just about ceased to exist. Thankfully, on account of continuing efforts and recovery programs these emperors of the skies will be soaring for generations to come.


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