The need for female guidance in matters monotheistic

The Need For Female Guidance In Matters Monotheistic

There will come a day in the tempestuous history of humankind, a line drawn in the sand where we, of whatever faith will broaden our outlook and embrace the concept that all faiths are equal; all faiths are right and, by the same token, all faiths are flawed.

A day when dogma accepts that compromise is not a sacrilegious fracture but an unavoidable fact of life. For without compromise, the only alternative is continuous tribal conflict, a constant clash of ideologies that can only end in more innocent deaths. The only winners are lunatics who masquerade as religious zealots and let’s face it, people who kill others are in the name of religion are twisted psychopaths, for the most part.

There exists at this point in time a depraved desire to accept murder in religion. It is as if we should not speak out when one faith or another inspires some human atrocity. Rather than standing up and speaking out we tend to back-off suggesting that tolerance is the answer. It is not. Not when some lunatic Muslim or mad Christian blows up someone or beheads them in the street.

I know a considerable amount of Christians, Muslims and Jews; none of those I have encountered have been anything but kind, loving souls whose only desire is to live in peace with their neighbours, whilst practicing according to their faith.

Not every Catholic subscribes to the view of the IRA and by the same token, not every Muslim is a member of Al Qaeda nor is every Afghanistan person a member of the Taliban. These extreme groups with their self-satisfying violent principles are nothing more than a sad reflection of humanity’s dark side. The only way to confront them and is through ongoing communication. Islam, in particular, needs to evolve, to re-think its concept of the Divine message and it must act soon to harness good relations with the rest of the world.

Sooner or later, the organised religions of the world will have to form an agenda that proposes a way forward, a way out of the clash of religious titans, a way out of the impending Armageddon that is growing ever likely day by day as the world’s two largest faiths square up to each other with the only object being the single domination of world religion.

The idea of having one faith dominate is a frightening thought as it leaves no room for any form of individuality; no room for tolerance, no room for acceptance, no room for compromise. There are those who have no particular faith to live by, who have their own life codes; these too are good people who live by the same principles purportedly adopted by Islam or Christianity. The principles of love and peace are not exclusive to religion.

Amend or ban the holy books

There are those among us who hold firm to the belief that organised faith, specifically Christianity and Islam are the causes of many of the world’s conflicts and without either mankind would be free of war and of secular division. I think this is true. Religion has brought untold horrors. However, as long as man has a hole in his arse he will manufacture ways to wage war. Right?

Ought not literature that encourages hatred, aggression and war be challenged? There can be no denying that Monotheism by virtue of its holy books, not only allows for such acts but positively encourages its followers to employ such methods. Religion causes war and the holy books that the faithful read condone these acts. If not properly understood in their specific context (and they are not understood by the vast majority of zealots) surely these holy books need to be amended now.

So much of the reluctance to accept compromise surely comes from the fragile male ego? So many rules are placed upon us males from birth on that restriction of the inner feminine self is inevitable. To be free of such inane masculine doctrines might liberate the feminine principle within and balance our natures. A potent, level headed, ability to accept that in any community a degree of compromise is necessary could result from such freedom. (An ability associated, perhaps wrongly, with females rather than males).

The three major religions are governed by man-made doctrines. These doctrines are shackled to the self-same masculine logic, anything mildly feminine in principle is not allowed in. Nonetheless, we have the evidence of our collective human history to show that lack of compromise has caused countless wars.

One only has to look at the three major monotheist’s books to know that females are considered inferior to the male. The natural physical differences are often employed to highlight the male’s superiority. Though there are some individual women who are highly capable of defending themselves physically, it is true that the male physique is generally more powerful, but I strongly doubt that any man in his right mind would like to have the greater part of his life punctuated by blood or voluntarily accept childbirth. Men may be physically stronger, but they are no more resistant to pain than women, in fact I would be so bold as to suggest that women are as naturally more resistant to certain types of physical pain just as men are naturally more able to lift heavy objects.

My point is this; the three big monotheist faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have doctrines that are founded on the fear rather than the respect of women. All three faiths, have evolved and during that evolution have changed their opinions and practices somewhat, but the fact remains that women are feared (not followed) in all three traditions.

That fear manifests as a sentimental notion that a women’s only desire is to protect her offspring, or that women somehow lack the steely reserve of men. This is a false dichotomy. Not only are women tougher and more resilient than men a lot of the time, but they are often better able use internal logic, example harmony through compromise.

Women may not have the same musculature and studies show that a man is more likely than a woman to violently protect his territory. However, a woman is more likely to protect her offspring with equal violence, but with an additional layer of subtlety that so many males lack. Women have the vision to see that connection, not disconnection, peace, as opposed to war, will ultimately benefit the family, the herd, the tribe, the nation, call it what you will.

I am not suggesting that women are paragons of virtue, (far from it!) or that females are not equally cruel and violent when it comes to war. We only need recall Boudica of the Iceni, that ancient British warrior-queen who plagued the Roman forces to know what any woman can do. Then there was Queen Elizabeth, who was born with steel running through her arteries.

As a general rule, women favour sustainable societies where families can live harmoniously. When family security is threatened, women, (like men), will strike.

The need for female guidance.

Approaching 95 % of the world’s scientists agree that Global Warming is going to bring cataclysmic changes to our planet. The majority agree that the human race has added to these natural disasters and should now act responsibly with the world’s resources. It is ultimately, the greatest challenge we humans will face. These forces are far greater than ourselves, still we prevaricate and delay. This same evasion is evident in our disagreements. One side takes one point of view, whilst the other side takes the polar opposite. Our wars unleash juggernauts of conflict that remorselessly roll on clashing with one another until the final destruction.

This need not be the case. Communication is not acquiescence, compromise is not defeat. Women should be encouraged to become leaders. Women are communicators could save the planet. Women who have the courage to engage in communication with the strongest of enemies, whilst recognising compromise as a tool for peace and not as a form of concession.

The Bible and Koran contain many murderous instructions for given circumstances. Monotheism, specifically Christianity and Islam must alter those passages, delete them or educate those who practice religious barbarism that such rules were written for a different time and have no place in the modern world.

Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.” We must, at all costs, confront and challenge such vicious ideologies and demand that organised religion expunges any and all texts that preach murderous incitement to violence.  Perhaps women should start the new religion, the male of our species seems incapable of such foresight.

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  1. Religion is mankind’s attempt to understand God, and therein lies the fundamental problem. We therefore attribute to Him the jealousy, greed and the need for superiority that is prevalent in humans. The only ‘religion’ I would even think of joining, would be that of Kindness.

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