The System

The System

Leave or stay, or jump
Or risk a life unsolved
Pay your dues, or don’t

A splash of sunlight smiles on me as I leave the train
Submerged in a tunnel, I recall that feeling
How long will it last, I wonder

I see people around me, like slaves
No time to pause, or smoke a cigarette
There are faster ways to die

And the cost of apathy, is silence

Sad, strained faces
Reading our morning Metros
Accepting the jibes, the snide remarks,

“We are sorry for the delay to your journey”

News is important, the budget
Must grasp the detail of who is controlling our lives
And every small failure signals another’s success

Move along, don’t question
Mind the doors
Mind the gap

Why do we condone abuse?
The cost of silence, is apathy
Yet human hunger knows no ending

Is it ours?
Is it theirs?

Alice F Wickham

Modest megalomaniac, and chief bottle washer of New London Writers;thinker, dreamer, and milk chocolate eater. Co-creator of a brave new world where poetry comes before profit, and you always get a seat on the train.

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  1. I like this a lot but then again I’m always jumping someone else’s train. That’s The Cure to my apathy.

    1. Personalities dissolve in this woman-eating, man-eating, chewing, chomping, swallowing maw of a city – supposedly the greatest in the world. What will future worlds have in its place, more of the same, or can we accept the possibility of freedom from repetitive servitude? Can we create a new London? A new New York, a new Mumbai?

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