I was a lark of silence prior to your entry in my life

I used to entice silence out of the illegible scribbles

to set them free.

Coiling out your footprints from the barren

lands and soothing your feet by little precipitations

of kindness—used to strengthen me.

Caressing you with a speckle of stardust to make you

realize how important your survival is for me, and feeding

your heart with an oasis of desertion, with a hope of slaking

your enlightenment with thirst.

Now I’m enjoying the perks of transient state,

but still restless emotions horrify me.

They blend ice and fire in such a way that both strive

to exchange their raiment.

Both delude the upcoming generations of human beings.

Now, they laugh wickedly when man confuses their union.


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  1. A beautiful and well written poem! I really enjoyed it, and even shared it with my family. I’m looking forward to reading more poems like this one. Thanks so much for sharing.

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